Artists Supporting Artists

Artists showcase their talent while supporting and inspiring children

The Artists Supporting Artists program partners with well-established
artists in the community who are interested in hosting fundraising events,
with proceeds going directly to our programs to support children.

In the past, we have partnered with wonderful artists to put on live exhibitions
and shows at galleries and event spaces, supporting them by assisting
with awareness and social engagement in order to make the event a success.
As a result of COVID-19, our focus is on artists exhibiting their talent online,
with a portion of sales being donated to the organization. We promote them through
all our AFB channels, increasing their visibility and exposure within the community.

Artists Supporting Artists is focused on providing a powerful opportunity for artists
to use their talent to touch the lives of others and truly make a difference in the world.

Why Participate?

It is proven that the arts have an amazing healing power, enabling
children to process the complex emotions that come with being
diagnosed with cancer. By taking part in the program, you will directly
be able to improve a child’s life by providing them access to the healing power
of the arts. Your work will be the centerpiece of an event, increasing your
visibility and exposure within the community. Your inspiring story will give children
a goal to strive for.

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