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The I AM A FREE BIRD CAMPAIGN was created in 2015 to inspire and uplift the children who are afflicted with cancer by showing them that we stand and fly together as one. The campaign asks people to record themselves saying “I AM A FREE BIRD” while performing or doing an art that they enjoy.

Every child should be able to utter the words “I Am A Free Bird.” The I Am A Free Bird campaign encourages children affected by cancer to express themselves through the arts and boldly declare “I Am A Free Bird,” spreading their wings and letting their dreams take flight. Falyn Vega is an incredible representation of our mission as a gifted performer and heroic fighter in remission from cancer. We cannot wait for her live performance of the campaign’s debut single, “I Am A Free Bird,” with our founder, Godni premiering live at Madison Square Garden. We truly believe every child is A Free Bird that should be empowered to pursue their passions and fly high!


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