Maggie's Journey to becoming a Guitarist

Posted on October 31, 2016

One of the many positive aspects of A Free Bird that we are proud of is our ability to foster a love of the arts. Ryan Torregrossa and Maggie are the stars of this inspiring story. Volunteer tutor Ryan was matched with young cancer survivor and aspiring guitarist, Maggie, for whom he designed a 12-week curriculum to ensure that she would be able to strum confidently and with ease. Once Maggie’s mother and Ryan had completed an in-depth interview and evaluation process, Maggie was ready to start her lessons. Though without any prior experience, Maggie was undaunted by the challenge and faced it head on. She, however, was not the only one to benefit from these lessons. The weekly lessons with Maggie also helped Ryan, who was recovering from a traumatic incident. Time spent doing good and sharing the arts is a powerful means of healing!

After six weeks of rigorous training, Ryan put young Maggie's guitar skills to the test. It came as no surprise when she passed his test with flying colors and Ryan could not have been prouder. He then took it upon himself to reward her for all her hard work. With the help of Tall Tower Productions, Ryan's friends, and “A 2nd Cup,” Ryan was able to reach his goal of getting a guitar, case, tuner, and strings for the lovely Free Bird Maggie. Maggie was surprised and delighted on her birthday with Ryan's gifts and A Free Bird was honored to facilitate Ryan and Maggie's story.