Make-up tutorial by Godni at A Free Bird

Posted on June 12, 2018

 at A Free Bird Organization! As part of our Volunteer Appreciation Program, A Free Bird is holding all kinds of tutorials to prepare our volunteers and interns to enter the corporate world. This Tuesday, our president and founder, Godni Amir shared one of his expertise as a makeup artist by hosting a makeup tutorial at our office. Godni instructed us on how to do our own makeup in a way that looks subtle and professional, an ideal every-day look for going to work. He taught us that the way we present ourselves outwardly is a super important part of being professional! The volunteers and interns really enjoyed this lesson and got many valuable tips from Godni. Everyone is excited for another tutorial like this one! We love to empower our volunteers and interns in every way, so that they will be fully prepared to enter the professional world! #Volunteerappreciation #makeuptutorial #art #artseducation#Iamafreebird