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"Every child should be able to utter the words “I Am A Free Bird.” The I Am A Free Bird campaign encourages children affected by cancer to express themselves through the arts and boldly declare “I Am A Free Bird,”...
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About Us

A Free BirdTM is a non-profit arts education organization dedicated to helping young people, ages 4-18, affected by cancer, fight their disease through the therapeutic benefits.
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Dream Big

Viewing art in its most professional form allows children to be inspired to pursue their own artistic dream.
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Young girl doing ballet

Take flight

Our Take Flight program provides children, aged 6-18, who are currently fighting cancer, with art tutors to give these young people the strength and power necessary to help them fight their illness.
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Fly Free

A Free Bird’s Free Program strives to support children in remission from cancer whose artistic passions may have been limited during hospitalization.
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Young boy playing violin