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A Free Bird Children Dance With STOMP!

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A Free Bird would love to thank STOMP for welcoming children in our Dream Big outpatient program to its experience full of exciting and music filled fun. This upbeat show, filled with dance, comedy, and musical theatre, allowed our program participants to see musical artwork in action. Music is an aspect of life of which many of us can relate. As a form of catharsis, music across genres, cultures, and languages manifests the emotions we feel. A research article in the journal Global Advances in Health and Medicine finds music both an emotional outlet and form of expression that can significantly aid those battling cancer, as well as those who have survived. In such a way, A Free Bird’s Dream Big program seeks to encourage children diagnosed with cancer to gain solace throughout the pursuit of their artistic endeavors. This Dream Big event allowed our participants to not only watch the performance, but also meet those partaking in it. After the show, children danced with STOMP performers and had the opportunity to ask questions. This engaging experience facilitated an active learning environment for understanding the unique form of performance art that STOMP has to offer. We thank the artists for welcoming our program participants as well as partaking in the meet and greet. It was an exclusive and enlightening experience to be on the stage alongside people passionate about their art!