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Adventure in Art: A Free Bird’s First Video Game

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A Free Bird is constantly looking for new and innovative methods to better reach out to our children and help them connect with their inner artists, and our interactive video game Adventure in Art is a great example! Created by two years of hard work from our dedicated volunteers, Adventure in Art is designed to teach children of all ages about the evolution of art and the various periods that have defined it through a multitude of fun and engaging activities. In this game, children can travel through time and visit six prominent periods of art throughout human history. They can recreate cave drawings in the ancient stone age, immerse themselves in the beauty of Victorian era paintings or solve challenging puzzles about modern era inventions. In addition, we are also happy to announce that the second video game by A Free Bird is currently in the works, thanks to the tireless effort of our volunteers! For further updates, stay tuned for the AFB newsletters and our blog.