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The AFB candle to add some light to your home

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At the beginning of 2023, A Free Bird launched its new product: a candle! We thought about something symbolizing light, warmth, and healing. Also, we wanted a product where we can insert the result of the artwork of our A Free Bird’s children. Our A Free Bird candle is a 100% natural soy wax candle, beautifully adorned with artwork made by a child during a hospital Art Therapy session. It’s the perfect gift to add some light to the home, just as art lights up our children's lives, letting them dream big, take flight, and fly free. Every couple of months we'll release a new candle with different artwork. In February we launched our first candle for S.Valentine’s Day, which was a success! The candle was purple in color with unique artwork, and many people generously chose it as S. Valentine’s Day present. An amazing way to spread some love! In April we released our second candle. In April we celebrate dance, so with its beautifully flickering flame, our AFB Candle is the perfect gift to celebrate the power of all forms of dance. All the donations for the candles will go directly towards supporting our programs, which provide free arts education services to children affected by cancer.