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A Journey Through the World of Dance with New York City Ballet

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Our Free Birds and their families had an amazing experience at the New York City Ballet in Lincoln Center. The children learned so much about ballet and being a ballet dancer in the form of an interactive presentation, such as training, daily preparations and what it's like to perform before a live audience on stage. The children’s favorite was "Copland Dance Episodes", but what we found the most interesting was "The Times are Racing" where the ballet dancers actually tapped dance in sneakers! We would like to thank New York City Ballet for this opportunity to bring the richness of cultural arts to our children. They have been with us since the first day of A Free Bird, and we couldn’t be more grateful for their continuing support and dedication. As part of our cultural arts appreciation month in May, we at A Free Bird attended a medley of deeply enriching and diverse cultural events for our Dream Big Outpatients program, and our children enjoyed and learned from them a lot! We fully believe in artists inspiring other artists, and by enjoying these vibrant displays of art, our children can find inspirations and reach new heights as young artists.