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Exploring the Art Community with the Other Art Fair!

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As part of our Dream Big program, our Free Birds were able to immerse themselves in the raw creativity and passion expressed by over a hundred independent artists and their exhibits in the Other Art Fair in Brooklyn. The children were free to explore the art community as they interacted with and learned from each artist at their galleries. They also broadened their perspective from the unconventional and liberating atmosphere of the Other Art Fair. Their deviations from the usual traditions of art conventions, such as featuring a DJ and a dance floor, was loved by our Free Birds. Our Dream Big program at A Free Bird continues providing opportunities for our young artists to explore the limitless possibilities of their creative minds. For many of our children, occasions like these are a welcome respite from their daily battle against cancer. We would like to extend our gratitude to the Other Art Fair for providing such a unique and memorable occasion for our budding artists!