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Free Birds unravel the history of Circuses at the Museum of Interesting Things

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Our Free Birds recently embarked on an incredible adventure at The Museum of Interesting Things, where they immersed themselves in the captivating history and advancements of circuses, as a part of our Dream Big program. The museum showcased the rich history of circuses, dating back centuries through various exhibits, transporting the children to a bygone era where daring performers and skilled acrobats entertained audiences with their breathtaking acts. The exhibits and interactive display of the artifacts celebrating innovation and progress in the world of circus engaged the excited young visitors in understanding the science behind gravity-defying stunts and illusionary feats. As a part of our Dream Big program, we provide limitless opportunities for our young talents to embrace their creativity and passion for the arts. The experience at The Museum of Interesting Things was a cherished escape for many of our Free Birds from their daily struggles with cancer. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Denny Daniel, the founder of The Museum of Interesting Things, for creating such a unique and memorable occasion for our Free Birds!