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A Day At the Vanderbilt Museum

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Children in A Free Bird’s Dream Big program and their families were able to enjoy the day at the Vanderbilt Museum and Planetarium in Suffolk County. The kids learned about the history of the mansion-turned-museum and had the opportunity to admire beautiful scenery by the waterfront. The kids also got a taste of outer space in the planetarium, where they could discover their weights on other planets and take pictures as astronauts. Curiosity was prevalent at this event with a variety of highly curated exhibits on the premises. Our participants were able to explore different parts of the world and even outer space while walking through the halls of the art collections and planetarium. Since long distance travel is not always possible for patients, this experience serves as a pleasant break from everyday life. For A Free Bird, encouraging members to spend quality time with family during events is just as essential to our mission as art is. We are so grateful to the Vanderbilt Museum for providing such a memorable bonding experience for the families and an enlightening educational moment for the children to explore an environment where art is embraced.