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A Day with the Peking Acrobats

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At A Free Bird Organization, we believe that art has the power to transform lives. Our Dream Big program aims to inspire young artists by giving them access to artistic events and shows. Through this initiative, we provide both live performances and online classes, fostering creativity and imagination. For the last thirty-two years, The Peking Acrobats have redefined audience perceptions of Chinese acrobatics. These remarkable performers balance atop precarious pagodas of chairs, execute daring maneuvers, and display technical prowess in trick-cycling, precision tumbling, juggling, somersaulting, and gymnastics. Their feats defy gravity, leaving audiences in awe. Recently, our young artists from A Free Bird had the privilege of attending the Peking Acrobats show as part of our Dream Big event. For many of these children, it was their first opportunity to engage with the arts firsthand. The excitement was palpable as they entered the theater, eyes wide with anticipation. As the acrobats took the stage, our kids were transported into a world of wonder. The performers balanced on chairs, twisted through the air, and executed breathtaking flips. The live musicians skillfully played traditional Chinese instruments, creating an exuberant atmosphere akin to a Chinese Carnival. The theater echoed with applause and gasps of amazement. The experience didn’t end with the final bow. Back at A Free Bird, the kids discussed their favorite moments, imitating acrobatic poses and sharing their newfound dreams. Some expressed a desire to learn acrobatics themselves, while others were inspired to explore other art forms. The Peking Acrobats had ignited a spark within them. We are extremely indebted to BergenPAC for for being a consistent partner and source of joy for our families! Our Dream Big program isn’t just about entertainment; it’s about healing too. Through Dream Big Inpatient, we bring performances directly to children in hospitals. These young patients, unable to leave due to illness, experience the magic of art within the confines of their rooms. The Peking Acrobats’ visit was a bright spot in their challenging journey. Interested to know more about Dream Big program ? Click here : https://afreebird.org/dream_big/