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Traveling Through Time With Posters

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We sincerely thank Poster House for welcoming members of our Dream Big outpatient program to a museum filled with historical and artistic significance. This educational opportunity enabled the children to engage in graphic design as a mode of expression, communication, and public opinion. The participants were full of curiosity and delighted to take part in the events of Community Day. In addition to exploring the museum, the children set about designing and making their own buttons as they learned the steps of the hands-on assembly process. Research done by Michigan State University finds that “children are more likely to develop skills when they are having fun, but also when the skills have meaning for them; hands-on learning aims to provide for both of these characteristics of learning.” Art as a form of creation as well as learning gives the children the chance to learn a new skill while retaining the educational experience for other artistic applications. The ability to create a lasting impact on children while also encouraging them to take an active role in creative processes is a large part of the Dream Big