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A Taste of Classical Music

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A Free Bird’s Dream Big outpatient program had the pleasure of bringing twelve participants to the renowned Carnegie Hall to see the New York Youth Symphony’s McCrindle Concert. This elegant rendition of classical music was incredibly impressive and exposed the children to a highly practiced artform. Many children in our programs learn to play instruments of their choice and dedicate large commitments of time to practicing. An interest in music is uplifting and provides more than technical skills. A segment done by PBS emphasizes that “Whether for relaxation or rehabilitation, music helps cancer patients cope and fulfill physical and emotional needs.” Our Dream Big program utilizes musical events as a component of our goal to use art as a means of inspiration and emotional healing. It was especially inspiring to see Sterling Elliot, the 2019 winner of the Sphinx Competition, perform the beautiful Dvořák Concerto for Cello along with the orchestra. Our children were able to witness other young people professionally perform in a highly-esteemed setting which inspires appreciation for classical music and dedication to learning an instrument. A Free Bird hopes that this event can inspire the future musicians that are part of the organization and impart on them a lasting recognition of the importance of music. We are very grateful to the New York Youth Symphony and Carnegie Hall for the tickets and wonderful seats, as well as enCourage Kids for connecting us with the families. Similarly, many thanks to YumEarth and Materials for the Arts for providing snacks and supplies for the outing. We are truly appreciative of all the organizations and volunteers that came together to help make this event a success.