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Flying Free with Inclusive Fashion

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Recently, young members of our Fly Free program have had the chance to strut their stuff on the catwalk! Back in February, we participated in NY Fashion Week. This fashion fest is famous the world over, and we were so excited to join creators and campaigners from all walks of life on the runway! Some of our Free Birds are aspiring models, and we're so happy that they were able to live their dreams. The fashion and modeling world doesn't always have a reputation for inclusivity, but fashion curators like Catherine Schuller are looking to change that. Her plus-size modeling and creative career spans 40 years, and we were grateful for her help and expertise in organizing Runway The Real Way, a joint event with AFB held at Pangea Restaurant in the Lower East Side. Six of our children participated in the show, and sported looks created by professional fashion designers, with colorful ties and ponchos aplenty. We at A Free Bird are committed to enriching the lives of children affected by cancer through the power of the arts. We believe that everyone should have the chance to enjoy art and creativity, and so we're delighted to help promote inclusivity in fashion and in life!