The GoodS

The “GoodS” is a TV-Show following our work as a non-profit organization which is dedicated to creating a balance between inspiration, education, and art appreciation. We offer opportunities for children and their families to heal themselves through the arts and learn to process complex emotions that arise when a child is diagnosed with cancer.

Noelia's Story as A Culinary Chef

A preview of The Goods' First Episode of 2019!

Check out the trailer for the newest episode of AFB The GoodS!

Godni and Falyn at MSG

Fly Free participant, Ben's recital.

AFB at Maimonides

Noelia The Chef Returns!

Noelia is a makeup artist at the Sarah Jassir runway show!

Ryan Reyes AFB "Free" at Call for Chelsea.

Fashion Week with Mia

King at NJ Kids Fashion Week

Behind the scenes of Falyn and Godni at Madison Square Garden!

The premiere of The GoodS 2015 with special guest Miral Kotb!

The premiere of The GoodS 2019!

AFB The GoodS Episode 2