Kids Supporting Kids

Kids Supporting Kids is a program that connects children in schools with children affected by cancer, generating awareness and support. Students participate in a month-long creative program that informs them about arts education and culminates in a fundraising event. Fundraising and events can be in person or online, with children using their imagination to produce artwork, create live performances and generate ideas to raise funds. Parents can also jump on board, by educating their children at home about young people who are affected by cancer, and showing them how they can use art to help.

KSK -Ps160Q Walter
Francis Bishops
Magnet School

Children love creating art, and if their art can be used to fundraise – promoted through their parents’ personal social media pages, affiliated with AFB’s channels – and raise awareness for fellow young artists in need, we think that is a hugely positive and empowering message.

KSK Solomon
Schecter School

Kids Supporting Kids can be a real eye-opener for healthy children and gives them a unique chance to share their love for the arts with young cancer patients, for whom self-expression can be the very cornerstone of recovery.
If you wish to take part, 

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