Kids Supporting Kids

Kids Supporting Kids is a program designed to bring awareness to the community, and to provide support to children affected by cancer from their peers. Children at local schools participate in a one-month program that educates them about various art forms and culminates in a fundraising event, proceeds from which go directly towards funding for art supplies for children with pediatric cancer.

Kids Supporting Kids is a program designed to share the best and the brightest of your school’s artistic talent with neighbors, family and friends. This program can be done in conjunction with art and bake sales, penny drives, and performances designed to unite the entire school in this worthy cause. "Coins For Cancer", "Superhero Day", "Jeans Day" and an "Ice-Cream Party" are some of the names of Fundraising Events that have been done in other schools. Kids Supporting Kids will give your students a unique chance to share their love for the arts with young cancer patients to whom self-expression can be the very cornerstone of recovery.

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