Our Programs

A Free Bird offers three core programs to support children diagnosed with cancer through arts education: Dream Big, Take Flight, and Fly Free. For enrolled families to enjoy, we also offer a Videogame . We also have a support group for parents of children enrolled in our programs. If you are looking to enroll your child please fill out this form.

Dream Big

Our Dream Big program strives to inspire young artists by introducing them to the arts world, through access to artistic shows and events, both in person and online.

Take Flight

Our core program, Take Flight, offers a bespoke arts education to each child, with one-on-one tutoring with art professionals and educators.

Fly Free

Fly Free is aimed at taking our children’s artistry to the next level, by helping them gain a foothold in their local creative community as budding professionals.


A Free Bird now offers a fun, arts education video game, which takes the user through the history of art, having fun as they collect skills and knowledge.

Give Arts

Give Arts gets donated art supplies – paint and brushes, paper, pens, books, ballet shoes, instruments – from generous suppliers to families and hospitals who need them.

Support Group

Support Group does exactly what its name suggests! It provides a supportive community for families of pediatric patients to get together for fun events and art classes.